About Company

Nature Plus (Pvt) Ltd, is a Sri Lankan based entity that is in to supply & installation of Local & Imported wooden flooring. We are also in to sanding & polishing of existing wooden floors during renovation work. Our client base includes Companies, International Hoteliers, Multi-National Companies, Governmental Organizations and Individuals who are involved in the Resort Management, Warehousing, Boat Building, Commercial Buildings and Housing. Whilst serving Sri Lanka, our other markets include The Republic of Maldives. Our Vision is to be high, customer oriented and we intend applying our knowledge and experience in any capacity of clients to cater their wooden flooring needs.

I have over ten years previous experience, in handling large medium & small scale wooden flooring projects in two companies who are in to same business.

Flexibility being with clients, we accommodate any change until the very last moment. As we are also in to local wooden floors manufacturing, we not only control the quality of our products but control the entire manufacturing process. Further, our delivery can be geared to suit the Customer’s needs, wherein we can affect partial delivery if so required.

A robust and excited team at Nature Plus shall by applying new age technology and creativity deliver a product that will delight our Customers. Our Team has had extensive experience in wooden flooring trade both locally and internationally & we are specialized in this trade & Management disciplines.

It has been our endeavor to provide a brief introduction and in the ensuing pages provide further details of our Organization. We reiterate our commitment to delivering a product that satisfies our Customers.

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